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  • Louisa is a very talented and dedicated teacher to all ages. We are in the mature (big kids)category. We have a private lesson weekly as this fits in with our work schedule. We have done medals and are now working towards more. Whether you want to dance for exercise or go further Body in motion is the place to go

  • A friendly, patient dance teacher brings out the best in both children and adults! Opportunities given to dance in shows around the world along with a focus on IDTA examinations! A great place to learn and develop

  • My little girl goes to Body in Morton dance. She absolutely loves it, her confidence is wonderful since she started (she use to lack confidence) Louisa is a fantastic dance teacher and we would go anywhere else.

    Thank you for everything you do for Izzy.

    Liz xx

  • My daughter has been dancing with Louisa at Body In Motion for 9 years and absolutely adores being a part of this amazing dance studio. Louisa’s choreography is second to none!!! Cannot recommend Body In Motion highly enough!

  • I highly recommend Body in Motion dance. My daughter has been attending for 18 months and even in lockdown has continued to progress and enjoy herself so much, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the teachers there. She loves her sessions, and is learning a huge variety of dance styles. She has the opportunity to participate in competitions, shows and do exams as well as focussing on having fun and learning new skills.

  • My little girl has just grown in strength and confidence through attending body in motion.She absolutely loves it!Louisa has so much patience with her (my daughter is now 3) and my little one is asking for more lessons, she enjoys it that much!can’t speak highly enough!I definitely recommend!

    1. My two daughters love dancing at body in motion with their fantastic teacher Louisa. V they both have grown with Confidence. I would Highly recommend this dance Studio they take part in exams,shows and competitions?

  • Louisa live and breathe dancing! She is extremely dedicated to her profession and it shines through to my daughters enjoyment of dance and progress. We have been with Body in Motion since 2016. I get goosebumps when I watch the dance show choreography that Louisa has puts together . Louisa managed to keep the dance spirit and the high level of technique going throughout all the lockdowns that we have had. The school offers lots of opportunities such as exams, competitions, shows etc.

  • My daughter has been dancing at Body In Motion for the last 4 years. She started as such a shy child with no dance experience at all and Louisa has helped her grow into a confident dancer and performer. Louisa teaches all styles of Dance. Choreography is always unique and imaginative.

  • Body is motion dance.
    Well what can I say me and my husband have been having lessons for several years both in a class and private. Louisa choreography is second to none and what she creates is nothing but amazing. Dance has been my excape from the world and dance deffinatley makes you feel great both mentally and physically it really doesn’t matter about your age give dance ago and you’ll be surprised especially at body in motion!!!!!

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